Photo by Prateek Katyal

Some Prefatory Assumptions:

  1. Behaviors are naturally constrained by limitations of an environment. In the realm of social media (henceforth SM), this is made manifest, due — in part — to user experience and design of platforms, which are characterized by impoverished linguistic and epistemic environments (where “epistemic” refers to the transmission and revision of knowledge and beliefs).
  2. A limited user experience and…

Photo by Patrick McManaman

But what if one day, tomorrow never came?

Photo by Joel Muniz

Photo by Alexander Popov

Photo by Jr Korpa

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Original photo by Jamshed Khedri

Photo by Andrea Mininni

Photo by Gabe Pierce

Original photo by Evgenii Pliusnin

H. Jean Baptiste

H. Jean-Baptiste is a Haitian-American writer who once met Charlie Day after taking a piss at a Bartaco.

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